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Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails

Edited by Bruce Baar, MS, ND

This is a summary of what Cayce said when a beautician asked about bringing color back to the hair, helping hair to grow back and help with beautifying the skin and nails. Let us know of your results using these products for growing hair, gray hair, balding, hair loss, thinning hair, and normal growth of hair. Send your comments to Baar Products at the address below.

3. (Q) Is the scalp treatment I am now giving to men to make the hair grow really good?
(A) For certain characters of disorder, yes, this is really good. In any scalp treatment  there enters so many factors that there is no one form of treatment that may be said to be  perfect, for there are certain types of disorders that arise from gland disturbances in the physical body that take away the sources of the elements that produce a coat or the basis for the growth of hair. If the activities being used in the present (by [636]) were considered with a diet and with a gland treatment, they might be made near perfect. While in the immediate capacity as a treatment suggestions may be made in the matter of diet, no internal applications may be made. A diet that works with the glands of the thyroid and especially with the sweat glands of the body would be more efficient; hence when such a scalp treatment is given there should ever be the suggestion that at least two or three meals a week should consist of seafood's; no fried or very greasy diet at all, or no fried meats at all; skins of Irish potatoes rather than the pulp. Such a diet together with an application to the scalp or to the skin will be much more efficacious in growth of hair.

5. (Q) Please give me a treatment for bald heads.
(A) There has never been a better (system) than the crude oil (Product #9670) treatment. This would be given about two or three times each month, followed with a cleansing with a solution of grain alcohol (Product #9671) and then massaging white vaseline (Product #9111) into the scalp in such a manner as to leave the whole surface of the scalp not too greasy, but as sufficient into the scalp to produce the better application of whatever may be used. But this will grow hair on MOST bald heads, unless - as we have indicated - it is of the germ nature that has destroyed the bulbs that GROW hair. But this will prevent four-fifths of all types of disorder, and will be especially efficient with such a diet as outlined; and occasionally specific gland treatment. So, when there is the necessity, make association with a physician that will give a GLAND treatment; such as thyroid, adrenal and the like, or as will be found in forms of iodine, adrenaline, thyroid extract or liver extract. Of course, such an association may be made with a skin specialist or one that makes a specialty of such gland treatments.

6. (Q) Please give me a formula for a medicine to be taken internally to restore natural color to hair.
(A) This ...(should be done by a manufacturer)..would be a combination in these, Lactated Pepsin, Black Snake Root Extract, Essence of Wild Ginseng, Atomic Iodine, Extract of Liver, and Grain Alcohol (Product #9636 Herbal Tonic #636 manufactured by Baar). The dosage of this would be half a teaspoonful three times each day, just after meals, for periods of ten days with five-day rest periods. This taken in such a manner over a period of several months will be effective to glands, to those secretions that will not only make a digestion that will be much improved in health but - with any good scalp treatment, especially such as we have indicated - it'll turn graying hairs back to normal; or where it has been streaked even by various forms of dyes, it's GROWTH will come normal.

To turn again to why such a formula as given would affect the body-functioning's, as to change the outward activity of the functioning of glands in a body: The Syrup, surely, is the carrier. The Pepsin is active such that the ingredients given may be effective upon the basic influences within the body that would produce in the varied offices of the body those proper functioning's to stimulate in the proper proportions the activities of the cuticle and the epidermis. So the basis of not only the complexions of body would be changed as to be more in a healthful and thus in an activities force to beautifying of that which is to man his crown of strength and to woman her head of beauty; for to man hair in the head is as strength - to women is as beauty.

Then, the Essence of the Black Snake Root is an active principle with the lacteal ducts that make for secretions in the system that stimulate a capillary circulation; aided in same and purified through the Wild Ginseng Essence, that is - according to the ancients - the basis of the stimulation of life in its very essence in the body of man.

The Atomic Iodine (already in Herbal Tonic #636)- that is activities in the glands, especially the thyroid, the adrenal and all the ductless activities through the atomic forces in iodine, the one basic force with potash - makes for a balance throughout the functioning's of the body itself.
While the Extract of Liver (already in Herbal Tonic #636) with the preservatives, in the activities with the other portions of the body, become beautifiers. Hence, proportioned as indicated, are activative with a body - healthy; the nails, the cuticle, the epidermis, and the adorning of the beauty of the body BEAUTIFUL! (end Cayce Reading)

In another Reading:
(Q) What Shampoo should be used on the hair?
(A) Any that carries sufficient of the olive oils (Product #10000 Olivae Shampoo) (Product #10001 Olivae Conditioner)...(End Cayce Readings)

To be healthy and have beautiful hair, nails and skin it's also important to eat well. We all need to work on; eating a mixed salad for lunch, no fried foods, 8-10 glasses of water per day, balanced meals, proper eliminations, and making time for prayer and meditation.

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