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by Elaine Hruska, True Health Newsletter

Although mentioned in the Edgar Cayce readings over 2,500 times as Atomidine (pronounced ah-TOMuh-deen), this highly useful product, discovered in 1914, was originally sold under the name Beslin (as well as other designations) and distributed by Schieffelin and Company in New York City until the early 1940s. At that time the two-ounce bottle sold for $1.00. Now it is available from the official supplier of Cayce health products under the label Atomic Iodine™, a description, according to the readings, of just what Atomidine is. On March 7, 1933, Dr. Sunkar (also spelled Sunker) A. Bisey, a distinguished Hindu scientist and inventor (called the “Edison of India”), who discovered Atomidine and several years earlier requested readings on its proper manufacture and marketing, sent a flier to Cayce which offered this information:

Atomidine is a stable compound of iodine in a saline solution that liberates the element in an atomic or nascent state on contact with an excess of solvent, such as the fluids of the body… By liberating nascent or atomic iodine, Atomidine furnishes the organism with this element in such a form that it may be readily utilized…

Atomidine acts beneficially in iodine deficiency diseases, gastrointestinal disorders and asthenic conditions. It has the property of reducing blood pressure in cases of hypertension. Atomidine is an efficient diuretic and urinary antiseptic, acting in either an acid or alkaline medium.” (1734-5, R-5)

Does this sound like a “wonder drug”? From the multiple uses to which the readings refer, it can appear to be so. Handy for both external and internal applications, atomic iodine was recommended—almost always in conjunction with other treatments—for a wide variety of illnesses. Its value lies in that it is iodine in a form that is apparently less toxic to the body than what is available from other commercial sources. Though probably safe for external use by most anyone, it should be used with great care when ingested internally. Its high iodine content can be harmful to some who might take too large a dosage, while others could be sensitive to even minute amounts. Each drop of the solution contains approximately 1/100 grain of iodine, supplying about six times the minimum daily requirement of iodine, and “legally is a prescription item when used internally,” so should be taken under a physician’s care.

Over stimulation to the thyroid gland, which traps iodine and processes it into thyroid hormones, can result in nervousness, irritability, skin rashes, insomnia, or increase in heart rate. It should not be taken with other iodine containing drugs, such as thyroid pills, heart stimulants (2366-7), any multiple vitamin or mineral tablet containing iodine, or if you are already obtaining iodine in your diet (seafood's), from Calcios or Calcidin, or from certain formulas (such as Herbal Tonic 636).

Despite these cautions on internal applications, the readings state: “This will not only be a curative property, but a preventative…especially for any form of disorder in glands or tissue of body” (358-2), and “with the use of this product [Atomidine], a more equal balance is to be gained and maintained in the system—but used properly!” (358-1) Reiterated throughout this body of information is its purpose, when taken orally, as a gland purifier and cleanser, especially affecting the thyroid, thymus, adrenals, and other ductless glands, and stimulating “the circulation through lungs, heart, liver and kidneys.” (3535-1) This reaction upon the glands would create “perfect coordination between the glandular forces of the body” (1933-1) and “build strength to the whole anatomical condition of the body.” (1475-1) Another reading stated that “most glands function as machinery would under oil. The iodine being the oil for the gland, see?” (294-130)

Beneficial Uses Externally
Applied, full-strength Atomidine can be used as a local antiseptic for cuts, boils, poison ivy, bites, and rashes; an additive in a steam bath; a solution with the Radiac® appliance; for ingrown toenails, hangnails, cuticles on hands and feet, soles of feet, and “large lumps behind ears” (934-8); and, as a pack, poured onto a cloth and applied to swollen joints, spleen, or pubic area. Diluted, the readings recommend it as a massage lubricant for scalp, hair, and carbuncles on neck; to be sponged onto mammary glands or swollen areas or bathed across hips; and, as a stupe, to relax limbs and reduce swelling and stiffness, and relieve liver and stomach pain.

Internal applications, as mentioned earlier, require cautionary measures. Keeping in mind the individual nature of each reading, here are some precautions. In addition to those items noted in the previous section, Atomidine should not be taken orally on the same days as alcohol, yeast, cod liver oil, KadDak (nutritional supplement; no longer available), kelp salt, Epsom salts baths, or electrotherapy (diathermy, infrared, Violet Ray). Some people were told not to have spinal manipulations on days that Atomidine is taken, while others were told it was all right.

Dosages, of course, vary a great deal. In his “Commentary” to the Circulating File on Atomidine Dr. William McGarey notes that in researching “more than 300 of the readings [he] recorded more than 75 different ways that Cayce suggested for Atomidine to be taken…” (p.14) When I was advised to take it by a Cayce-compatible chiropractor, the recommended dosage was: one drop in half a glass of water for five days; then two drops per day for five days, off two days; then three drops per day for five days, off two days; skip one week; then, if needed, repeat from the beginning with one drop and continue the procedure.
It was not meant to be ingested continuously, only until relief is obtained.

Other diluted internal uses include: as a mouth and gum wash to reduce acidity; as a nasal and throat spray or gargle to prevent colds; as a solution for enemas; and for feminine hygiene, as a douche, to prevent inflammation and infection. Conditions for which internal use was recommended in the readings, demonstrating its wide range of effects, include arthritis, asthma, goiter, dizziness, vertigo, sluggish thyroid, excessive hair, tooth decay, scaly or tough scalp, preparation for smallpox vaccination, hypertension, infantile paralysis, and to prevent inclination toward warts and moles.

Becoming familiar with your body’s physical needs plus with individuals’ cases from the readings recommending this product will help you make a wise choice as to the proper way to benefit you.

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Edgar Cayce Encyclopedia of Healing notes that:

Users of Atomodine are cautioned that when used internally it can be harmful if taken in large doses, and it is particularly contraindicated in cases where it might excessively stimulate the heart. Too much iodine can lead to overstimulation of the thyroid gland, resulting in nervousness, insomnia, and skin rash, as well as rapid heartbeat.

CAUTION: Atomic Iodine should only be taken under the supervision of a physician. Some individuals may experience increased anxiety and/or cardiovascular functioning as a result of taking any iodine.

Atomic Iodine

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