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Directions for Making
Pure Beef Juice

Edited by Bruce Baar, MS, ND


This is a summary of what Edgar Cayce said about preparing Pure Beef Juice. This will save you the time of searching through all the readings to get this information.

Take 1lb of raw beef, preferably lean beef from the neck or rump.
Cut it into approximately 1/4 inch square chunks.
Place these small chunks of raw beef in a fruit or mayonnaise jar.
Place a lid on top of this jar, but do not screw it on tight. Air will need to escape as it heats.
Place this jar in pan ½ full of water. The water should come up to about half the depth of the jar.
Boil the water until the chunks of beef are thoroughly done. This will take about 2-3 hours. Strain.
Keep the juice only.
Store in the refrigerator.

"We would prepare regularly - every other day - about a pound of beef INTO Beef Juice! Not tea, not broth, but the Beef Juice! This would be taken rather often, but in very small quantities; and when taken almost CHEW it - though there is nothing to chew, of course - for it is liquid, but SIP it - when taking it about every two or three hours during the waking period. Take about a teaspoonful at the time, but take at least a minute or more to swallow that much, see? This will give strength, it will assimilate easily, and make for better conditions. Do not allow any fat to be in the beef when it is prepared. Preferably use the beef from the neck of the animal."(Cayce)

"Then the rest of the foods, - take as much beef juice in small quantities as the body may assimilate, but do not attempt to take more than a teaspoonful at a time, or more than a tablespoonful during a day - for the first two or three weeks. But take at least three minutes in taking even a teaspoonful. Hence it is to be SIPPED, not gulped; so that it, the liquid itself, the beef juice may be easily assimilated through being mixed well with the fluids of the mouth before being swallowed. We do not mean beef extract, nor beef soup, but BEEF JUICE! This is to be made from the lean beef, preferably the neck of the cow - or the rump. This is the type of meat to be used to make the juice. More strength will be found in same."(Cayce)


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