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How The Edgar Cayce Readings
Helped With Blindness

By Cathy Comora

At the age of 27, I suddenly lost the sight in my left eye due to optic neuritis. I went to three ophthalmologists including the head neuro-ophthalmologist at NYU hospital. I was offered only steroids as a treatment, which I was afraid to take because my body is extremely sensitive, and I was concerned about the side effects.

Fortunately, a family friend told my mother to get me to a chiropractor immediately. I was a member of the Edgar Cayce organization, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, and I was aware that Edgar Cayce recommended chiropractic adjustments for all sorts of ailments, and that the A.R.E. had a listing of chiropractic members. I decided that I wanted to be treated by a chiropractor who would treat me with the Cayce remedies for blindness.

I called the A.R.E. and was given the name of Dr. John Pagano (author of Healing Psoriasis) in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. I called him immediately, and he told me to come over right away. My mother agreed to drive me to his office, although she had always been skeptical about my interest in the Cayce readings.

When we met Dr. Pagano, he told me that he had successfully treated a woman the previous year, who had been blind in both eyes for several months due to optic neuritis. Dr. Pagano told me that he could make no promises, but he would treat me the same way he had treated her, according to the Edgar Cayce readings.

The first thing he did was to take an x-ray of my neck. When the x-ray developed, he was excited to find that the deviation shown in the x-ray of my neck proved to be identical to the deviation in his previous patient's neck. He suspected that my spine was pressing on certain nerves and cutting off the circulation.

Dr. Pagano massaged my neck with his hands and then with an electrical massager to increase the circulation to the area. He then adjusted my neck in the area that Cayce said affects blindness.

When I got home, I made a phone call to the other woman whom he had helped. She was very encouraging. I told her that the three doctors I had seen were pessimistic about my prognosis. She told me not to worry, she had been told by experts that she would probably never see again.

Later that evening, I was excited to find that my sight had begun to return. After a week of adjustments, my sight was completely restored. I went back to one of the ophthalmologists I had seen, and told her what had happened. She examined me and said, "It's amazing -- you're cured!" I have never had a recurrence of the problem. Neither has Dr. Pagano's first optic neuritis patient.

Since then, Dr. Pagano has treated several more (optic neuritis, and otherwise) visually impaired patients, with varying degrees of success.

I believe that the adjustments were what helped me the most, but Dr. Pagano also had me try the following Edgar Cayce recommendations:

Head and Neck Exercises
Potato Peel Poultice
Carrot Gelatin
Glyco-Thymoline Packs
Rolled Towel Stretch (a Dr. Pagano therapy)
Healthy Diet
Right Thinking


While sitting up straight, gently roll your head over to the left side as if to touch your left shoulder. Slowly bring it back up and over to the right side. Repeat this several times. Roll your head forward and backward several times in the same manner. Then slowly roll your head to the right, forward, left and backward several times (in a circle). Then roll it in reverse order several times.


Make a paste of potato skin peelings from thick-skinned potatoes. Include a little of the pulp. Place over your closed eyes for approximately 20 minutes. This helps to reduce eye strain.


Buy a bag of organic carrots. Grate them into a gelatin mixture as if making jello. Be sure to include the top portion of the carrots, including the greens if possible. It is better to use the unflavored jello, because you don't want to pollute your body with sugar and artificial coloring. Cayce said that gelatin helps the body to assimilate vitamins and minerals 6 times better than it would otherwise do, and that the vitamin A will be carried directly to the optic nerve.


Soak two cotton balls in a 50/50 mixture of Glyco-Thymoline and water. Gently squeeze them out and place over each closed eye for approximately 30 minutes.


Roll a towel into a tight cylindrical roll. Lie down with your neck stretched over it. Make sure it's big enough to allow the arch of your neck to stretch out over it.


Saturate a cotton or gauze pad (make-up remover pads found at most local pharmacies) with pure cold-pressed castor oil. Place over closed eyelids for 20-30 minutes.


In general, Cayce recommended eating whole grain cereals or citrus fruits in the morning--but never at the same meal. He suggested they be alternated from day to day. At noon he recommended fresh raw vegetable salads, including many different types of vegetables, and soups or broths with whole grain brown bread. For dinner, one should eat "a well coordinated vegetable diet, with three vegetables above the ground to one below the ground. Seafood, fowl, or lamb; not other types of meats." (Please see the Cayce files on diet for more in-depth information on the subject.)


Cayce stressed the importance of the mind and "right thinking" in any healing process. I believe this to be the most important aspect of healing. The universe appears to operate under the law that "like attracts like." This law can assist with healing if you can bring yourself to the feeling place of what it was like to be healthy, to have your sight. Remember what it was like, or what it would be like. Think about what you are wanting and why you want it. Do this with an attitude of excitement in knowing that it is coming to you.

If you can bring yourself to the point of actually remembering what it was like, the universe will see you as healthy and since like attracts like, you will attract more health. The thought with positive emotion will in time, I believe, improve your condition. Test it for yourself. Remember that negative thoughts and emotions attract more negative thoughts and emotions. Be gentle with yourself. If you find yourself thinking negatively, don't criticize yourself, just laugh it off and start again with your uplifting positive thoughts.

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