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Controlling Diabetes
The Cayce Way

By William Briggs

When I was told, at age 44, that I had diabetes, I went into complete shock. I had been feeling tired and in need of a vacation, but I thought it was due to working long hours as a police officer. When I consulted the company doctor, he was so concerned about me going into a diabetic coma that he wanted to put me in the hospital immediately. He had given me a 12-hour fasting blood test, which showed a blood sugar level of 395; normal readings, I was told, are between 60 and 120.

I could not comprehend the diagnosis or agree to go to the hospital. The doctor recommended an immediate insulin injection. Something inside me--maybe it was simply fright--told me not to. Instead, I asked for a special diet for one week, to see if I improved. The doctor was reluctant, but I persisted. Finally he told me to eat fish, vegetables, rice, oatmeal, and apples, and insisted that I return in one week.

I was deeply shaken, but I felt I had to find another way to deal with this. I had heard stories of people taking insulin, only to need more as time went on.

When I came home with the news, my wife, Valerie, got out some of her Edgar Cayce books. She also suggested I talk to Dr. William McGarey at the A.R.E. Clinic in Phoenix. I was frightened and confused; because I really didn't know much about Cayce and am a traditionalist at heart. On the other hand, I knew I didn't want to give in to this disease. I wanted to be healthy and free of it without drugs.

My family doctor, laughing at the idea of controlling diabetes with diet when he saw my blood test results, suggested a diuretic that could be ingested orally, and a finger prick to test my glucose level several times a day. I felt depressed after that visit, but I was determined to find another way. The Edgar Cayce information on diabetes was exact and detailed. So I made arrangements to consult with Dr. McGarey because I didn't feel qualified to initiate my own regimen.

My next blood test a week later showed improvement: 195--still very high, but such an improvement. I was elated and encouraged. I felt I was on the right path and could not wait to talk with this doctor in Phoenix who had worked with the Edgar Cayce material for more than 20 years. I also checked with the A.R.E. for any healthcare providers in Colorado, and learned of a chiropractor. I knew from my extensive reading that I needed some manipulations as part of my return to health. Chiropractor Michael North was even close to home.

I found Dr. McGarey so attentive, considerate, and thoughtful that I immediately felt at ease and trusting. He detailed for me what I was to do for one month--a holistic approach involving several procedures that would work together to bring about my recovery. Along with my diet, which was Spartan by my previous standards, I needed to exercise daily. I chose a stationary bike.

Another part of my health plan included castor oil packs. When I began using hot castor oil packs, it was quite an ordeal to get all wrapped up in the plastic with a towel under me. But I soon got it down to an art. During my "pack time," I meditated and visualized myself as being totally healthy with a fully functioning pancreas, which is the organ in our bodies that produces insulin.

Dr. McGarey told me not to acknowledge the term diabetes. He said that since our minds so dutifully obey the instructions they are given, this would only give me another obstacle to overcome. He also advised spinal manipulations.

When I went to see the chiropractor, the x-rays showed the vertebrae in my neck to be completely straight instead of aligned in their normal gentle curve. This had put a strain on the 6th, 7th, and 8th dorsal vertebrae in my spine. Dr. McGarey and Edgar Cayce had said that such a problem in the spine could cause pancreatic difficulty. I felt even more confident that I was on the right track when this information matched my situation perfectly.

I began my adjustment therapy twice a week. Soon it was decreased to only once a week, then only once every six to eight weeks.

Dr. McGarey suggested taking vitamin B-12 and a B-complex vitamin, and chromium along with apple pectin to help control sugar levels in the blood. He later added a program with Atomidine [Atomic Iodine], which helps the organs in our bodies function better. In my case, it was to help the pancreas begin working again.

The only thing of my own that I added to this new-life regimen was a series of affirmations, which I repeated many times a day, from the book You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. I still repeat these affirmations to myself daily.

My life has changed dramatically. It wasn't easy at first; every step was a conscious effort. As in learning anything new, it required work. But once I became accustomed to the routine and began to feel better, I couldn't be stopped. I felt better physically, mentally, and emotionally than I had in years. I was really excited about life. I had more energy and smiled more often. I lost 40 pounds. That in itself was something to smile about!

One item in my new diet is the Jerusalem artichoke, which is neither from Jerusalem nor a true artichoke, but a cousin of the sunflower. The Jerusalem artichoke, a vegetable that tastes much like a turnip, is found in health food stores. When I tell people about its natural insulin qualities and how to prepare them--washed and sliced in a salad or boiled in parchment paper--they try them.

Some people, however, were skeptical about my experience. One anesthesiologist didn't believe I had diabetes because my blood glucose level tested 72 prior to having knee surgery--until I told him that four months earlier my insulin level had been 395. I believe my family doctor thought that blood test was a fluke.

My initial euphoria has waned somewhat, but I'm still feeling much improved. No one thing in this overall plan was more responsible than another for my regaining my health. They all worked together, each contributing to the whole process of my becoming healthier.

Several months after beginning my program, I had a Shiatsu massage. The therapist had been studying with a doctor from France, learning to distinguish healthy working organs from those that are in trouble. She said my pancreas seemed to be functioning normally. What wonderful news!

This experience has been quite an adventure. I learned some things about myself: I'm not willing to give up when I can take charge of my own health and be responsible for it. There's a deep sense of satisfaction and inner power that comes from this type of adventure. I've also learned that Edgar Cayce made a great contribution to us all. Moreover, the people who have worked with and promoted the work of Edgar Cayce have my gratitude. Without them, I probably would have been one of the multitude that has succumbed to taking insulin injections daily. Instead, I continue to watch my diet carefully: virtually no fat or sugar, lots of vegetables and fruits. I eat brown rice and beans two or three times a week. My beef intake is minimal, but I do eat chicken or fish. I can drink a little decaffeinated coffee, which I couldn't do before. I eat whole grains and some pasta. I exercise six days a week faithfully. My last two blood tests showed glucose levels of 108 and 94.

Reprint by permission from Venture Inward Magazine in Virginia Beach, VA.

The information within does not constitute advice and is not intended to medically prescribe or promote the sale of any product, nor is it intended to replace qualified medical care.


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