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Our Experiences with the Radio-Active Appliance
By Barbara and Brent Parisen
Note: The Radio-Active appliance is NOT radioactive and because of this the Official unit is called the Radiac (pronounced RAY-DEE-ACK).

Since our introduction to the Edgar Cayce material six years ago, we have been striving toward our ideal--to "live the Life" and to attain that perfect balance of body, mind, and spirit so necessary for becoming more perfect channels of blessings to others. In keeping with this ideal of attunement and service, we have had to make significant changes in our diet, exercise habits, attitudes, relationships, and life style in general.

After prayerful consideration, we employed various attunement aids, such as wearing the lapis lazuli stone, studying music, taking Atomidine (Atomic Iodine), and using the radio-active appliance--all of which are recommended in the Cayce readings. We have found all of them helpful; however, the radio-active appliance, when used in conjunction with prayer and meditation, has proved to be of enormous assistance. Application of this device has brought a multitude of benefits which we would like to share with you. It is our hope that after reading about our experiences, you will feel moved to investigate it as another aid to your own attunement.

The radio-active appliance is mentioned in the readings hundreds of times and was recommended for problems ranging from adhesions to epilepsy to paralysis to vertigo. In fact, Cayce stated that the "radio-active [appliance] plain [without the use of solutions] is very good; good for everybody!" (631-2), "especially to rest tired businessmen, overtaxed ladies..." (1800-16)

According to Cayce, the appliance is unlimited in its use and its range of benefits, for not only does it make the body physically more fit by bringing about better circulation, assimilation, relaxation and elimination, but it actually aligns and rejuvenates the body's mental and spiritual forces along with the physical by bringing about "a better coordination in the cerebrospinal and sympathetic systems." (593-1) No other medical device has this unique capacity to restore that complete physical-mental-spiritual balance.

In addition to an improved physical condition, use of the appliance, the readings promise, will bring new self-awareness and greater understanding. To one inquiring individual Cayce said: "there will be periods of exciting experience in the spiritual and mental self." (5199-1) He advised another to pay attention to the unfoldment of "the real subconscious self" in dreams which occur during the period of the appliance applications. (911-2)

In light of the physical benefits and these spiritual promises (which in our experience we have found to be real), the radio-active appliance is truly priceless!

"Those vibrations from the appliance given are not just as talismanic conditions," says reading 957-3, "nor are they that which operates through the imaginations of a body, but when properly compounded or constructed these correspond with the laws of physics."

The radio-active appliance resembles a simple battery formed of carbon steel. The battery becomes "electronized" (activated) by the ice water into which it is placed; then, when attached to the body by copper and nickel plates, it partakes of the body's vibrations.

Every cell in the body has an electrical vibration, is vibration. However, through injury, reaction to internal or external forces, or lack of proper elimination or equilibrium, some cells become deficient in the vital energy they need for reproducing themselves and maintaining the necessary balance in the system. Other cells contain an abundance of vibratory energy. The appliance receives the vibrations of the body's excess electrical energy through the positive (copper) lead and, via the negative (nickel) lead, returns that life-giving, equalizing energy to those parts of the body deficient in this energy.

The result is an "equilibrium in the human body [which enables the body] to relieve any tension...caused in the deficiency or over proficiency of any electronic agent as is set forth by any of the organisms as are found in the human body." (1800-4) This equilibrium "enables the quieting, then, from within, and allows the forces to become predominant that are constructive to vitality in system." (957-3)

No other vibrations are involved except those produced by the body. The appliance acts only as a generative magnet, building up a magnetic energy field from the body's electrical vibrations, which are then discharged back to the body, "[revivifying] portions of the body where there is a lack of energies stored." (3105-1) "There is nothing in the appliance of itself," said Cayce. "For, know, as you are told in the Book, in the law--all that is within heaven and earth, as well as hell, is within the body of the living individual." (3119-1) The appliance acts "as an equalizer and would only act in that same force wherein normal rest to the body becomes recuperative powers for same." (1800-4)

"Normal rest," it must be noted, may be compared to the trance state from which Cayce gave this information, for occasionally when he reached this state he would say that his body had assumed its "normal forces." If this is the case, very few of us have ever rested normally!

One does not need a doctor's prescription in order to use the machine; also, a doctor is not needed to apply it to the body, since it is easy to attach. Handicapped persons, however, may need some help.

For specific ailments, use of the appliance was often recommended in combination with other treatments, such as osteopathic or chiropractic manipulations, massages, oil rubs, herbal remedies, colonics, packs, hydrotherapy, and exercises. But these treatments should not be administered to the body while the appliance is attached. And if other Cayce-recommended appliances are being used, such as the wet cell or violet ray, they should be used "out of phase" with each other, as reading 1268-2 states: "we would not use the appliance during the strong use of the other influences."

Nor should there be a great deal of mental activity, such as conversation or the study of problems, during the time of application. Rather, we are instructed to use this time to analyze ourselves and our relationship to God, to examine purposes and ideals, study Scripture, and read the Bible--not as a history or a book of axioms to be followed, but as a personal message--especially Genesis 1:1-6, Exodus 19:5, Deuteronomy 30, John 14-17, and Psalms 1, 23, 24 and 91.

This time should also be a period for prayer and meditation, "not only for the removal of the disorders but that the purposes of the body and mind may be used for creative, constructive purposes." (3632-1) We should pray "for the body to be used in the service for others, and not others in a service for the body." (4069-1) In other words, it is not enough that we merely contemplate these things while the radio-active appliance is attached. We must make a personal, practical application of these truths throughout our daily lives.
Know...that with the changes wrought [by the appliance], these are not to be made for self-aggrandizement, self-indulgences, but that the spirit of truth, of good, of love, of patience, of reproduction, may be fully accomplished. (1389-1)
We are even admonished to beware of selfish purposes. If we want help only for ourselves and are not willing to use our renewed health for aiding others, we should not even use the machine.
Each and every soul then that would touch these, in any form or manner, [must] dedicate their lives to a service for humanity! And those not willing to do so, give it up! (1800-28)
Thus, it is primarily this attitude of selfless purpose that, along with the aid of the machine, brings the greater healing results. We must be patient and persistent, and not use the appliance haphazardly, for this "will do no good at all!" (569-23) We must be sincere, careful not to apply the machine as rote. We must be prayerful, asking that "The Father of light and mercy and truth, create in this body that as will bring the perfect coordination of the members of the body itself, that the soul may manifest in a perfect body." (1314-2) We must be grateful for the opportunity to re-establish balance in our system, which brings us a greater desire to know God's will and the strength to carry it out.
You can't use the radio-active appliance and be a good "cusser" or "swearer"--neither can you use it and be a good hater. For it will work as a boomerang to the whole of the nervous system if used in conjunction with such an attitude. (1844-2)
We must be "a man (or woman) after God's own heart," "humble even as He."

If we are willing to dedicate our lives to His service and persist with the discipline called for in using the machine, we will be beautifully rewarded. The following describes what we have experienced in our personal use of the (plain) radio-active appliance. Our findings verify many of the claims the clairvoyant Cayce made for the machine.

We discovered that with using the machine some benefits came about immediately, while others appeared only gradually. Some were obvious health changes--improvements definitely brought about by the use of the appliance; others, more subtle changes, could not be easily attributable to the machine alone, because we were also meditating regularly, following a natural, nutritious diet, and exercising daily.

With the very first application came immediate relaxation. We just wanted to curl up and go to sleep! Cayce did say that the appliance "will put the body to sleep" (1845-1) and that within a few minutes of using the machine drowsiness would occur. "There will possibly occur no feeling from the use of the appliance, except the feeling of being sleepy." (4023-1) In fact, when we do sleep with the appliance attached, we sleep deeper and wake up fully rested and raring to go! "...the body may rest much better when it sleeps." (434-1) With regular nighttime use, we have discovered that we now require from one to two hours less sleep. Sometimes Brent awakens at three in the morning ready to start the day! And that sluggishness that sometimes hangs on even after a long night's rest is gone. "This, we find, will throw off that of the heaviness." (327-1)

Since using the appliance, we feel more "put together" inside--more "in order." There is a wonderful sense of well-being, a deep, internal peace, especially during the day following a night's application. "These forces will... make for the abilities for the body to quiet self throughout." (1192-6)

The appliance has improved our circulation. I especially have been made aware of this, for there is more color in my face and I no longer suffer with cold hands and feet. "This will relieve that tendency of cold feet, that tendency of the poor circulation in the extremities..." (326-1)

Brent believes the machine has helped to correct his metabolism. It has made him more aware of the effect of certain food combinations (which Cayce talks about in his readings on diet). Working with that new insight while using the appliance, he has lost 17 pounds from his 5'11" frame without dieting and has remained at the reduced weight of 158 pounds for the past six months. Brent believes this is a case of the one helping the other--a mutual assistance--though Cayce did say the appliance would bring about improved metabolism and restore one to his proper weight, creating "a better metabolism and catabolism in the system." (688-1) "The use of the radio-active appliance keeps nearer the normalcy as to weight." (877-18)

Cayce also claimed that the radio-active appliance would sharpen one's memory, and we have found since using it that our memories have improved. We remember things at the most appropriate times; we don't have to hunt mentally for the right words with which to express ourselves during conversations; we retain more of what we read; and we remember our dreams more often and in greater detail.

Our dreams have become more lucid--often we know what the dream means while dreaming it or immediately upon awakening. Shortly after I began using the appliance, I had two consecutive ESP dreams, a type which previously I had dreamed only rarely. Our recent dreams show that we are taking charge of our lives: More and more often we find ourselves in the role of teacher, guide, helper, healer, even exorcist! It is our feeling that this leadership quality emerges as a natural consequence of being in balance; as we become more balanced, we are less preoccupied with self and more attentive to the needs of others.

And the more balanced we become physically, mentally and spiritually, the more closely attuned we become to the Universal Consciousness. As any meditator knows, this communion with the Divine Forces naturally brings an increase in guidance, enlightenment, and inspiration. Among our recent blessings from using the appliance in conjunction with daily meditation have been the many revelations received concerning certain Biblical truths, especially those pertaining to the significance of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. We have also received much insight into some personal karma, including an awareness of the lessons to be learned and how they are to be learned, plus a keener sense of the purpose of our present incarnation. In addition, we are shown how we can better help our loved ones, and are accordingly presented with more opportunities to be of service to them. Keys to diet-related discomforts, solutions to car problems, and ideas for stories and articles--along with the creative energy needed to bring these newly inspired projects to fruition--have also been received.

But the most remarkable benefit derived from using the machine has been our change in attitude. The balance brought about by the radio-active appliance seems to have created a greater determination within us both to learn, to grow, and to overcome. We are possessed with a tremendous drive to work, to do the things we must do, to do what He would have us do.

Since we have used the machine, the outward circumstances of our lives have changed very little, but inwardly life has gotten easier because acceptance and patience come easier now. In fact, it is much easier to express all of the fruits of the spirit. There is effort, but the decision to choose right or good in favor of wrong or evil is easier because of the greater resolution to grow closer to our Father-God. This is without doubt the greatest blessing brought to us through the use of the radio-active appliance--this ambition to walk more closely with our Elder Brother, the Christ, along the path to our Father's house.

This article was taken from the March, 1978, issue of The A.R.E. Journal and has been used by permission.
When this article was written, Barbara Parisen was a writer of children's books, and Brent Parisen was a technical writer for Ohio Nuclear.
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