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Edgar Cayce on
Saffron Tea and Slippery Elm Bark

Caution: These excerpts were for individuals with specific concerns. Not to be applied universally. Paraphrased and summarized.

...morning and evening, take at least an ounce of Saffron tea which would be not only effective to the digestive forces but with the gastric forces that naturally arise in the stomach and digestive area. Added with the small quantities of the olive oil would supply food for the system and cause a tendency for an accumulation of those forces that will aid in not only ridding the condition from the blood but will aid the supply of lymph and emunctory circulation through the digestive system, and bring healing to internal forces of the body. 475-1

...take internally the Saffron Tea, made the same as regular tea would be made. This would be taken twice each day, about an ounce in the morning and another ounce oakkeg in the afternoon or evening. Pour a cup of boiling water over a level teaspoonful of the Saffron and allow to steep as tea. 2715-1

We would also use the Saffron tea as a portion of the drinking water. Have this prepared so that at least two or three times each day a glassful of it would be taken; preferably in the mornings before food is taken and in evenings before retiring. It would be made in this manner: Put 1/2 dram of Saffron to 16 ounces of water and let this steep as tea for five to ten minutes, depending upon how hot the water is when it is poured into same. This may be drawn off, kept in a cool place, and will last for one or two days, see? 323-2

Let a portion of the drink each day consist of Saffron tea. This would be made in the proportion of one dram to one quart of water. Let this steep as tea. Drink a glass of same two or three times each day. This will tend to keep the normal gastric flow in the stomach, without irritations from same. 732-1

...take a teaspoonful of Yellow Saffron Tea. Use the Saffron and brew it just as tea. These properties act upon the gastric flow of the digestive forces, not only with the salivary glands (in the mouth) but the upper portion or cardiac portion of the stomach itself. This mixing with the gastric flow (that is started by the activity of the Olive Oil - not at the same period, but taken as has been indicated) will reduce the acidity, will prevent or allay the plethora or swelling as produced in the pylorus and through the duodenum; and thus aid the body in better assimilations. 1481-1

Hence, we would begin taking internally once each day,preferably just before retiring, a cup of Saffron Tea. Put a pinch of the American Saffron in a cup of boiling water, or put it in the cup and pour boiling water over it and allow to stand for thirty minutes (covered during that period, of course). Then strain, cool, and drink. Use a good pinch of the Saffron, you see, between the thumb and the forefinger, to the cup of boiling water. Make this fresh each time. The activity of this upon the gastric flow of the stomach and duodenum and through the alimentary canal will tend to allay, and to work with the activities that supply the mucous membrane flow along the canal itself, thus aiding the body. 3112-1

And two, three, four times a day - but not at the same time with the Oil(Olive Oil) take Saffron Tea. The activity of these properties upon the gastrointestinal system will be to create an effluvium in the very activity of the mucus membranes through the flow of the lymph to aid in not only healing but in giving texture and strength especially to those portions of the alimentary canal that are of the disturbing nature. Make a Saffron Tea, you see. The proportions would be about a teaspoonful of the Yellow Saffron to six ounces of water; this a heaping teaspoonful. Let this steep. It is necessary that this be kept cool. And take about an ounce of it, or a tablespoonful of it, two to three times a day. 437-7

Very small doses of Olive Oil would be well to be taken. This should betaken often. Very small doses, meaning three to four drops to five drops at a time, not more than that. That is just enough to produce those activities in the gastric flow along throughout the esophagus and through the upper portion of the stomach, so that the activities with same will make for the enlivening or a food to the walls of the digestive force and system itself. 843-1

Throughout this period we would take the Saffron Tea. This will be active especially upon the digestive forces, or will keep the correct activity in such as to cause a better flow of the lymph through the tissue of the lower digestion in the pylorus, in the upper portion of jejunum, and especially in the lacteal duct center. This would be made by putting a pinch of the Saffron (between the thumb and forefinger) in a cup and pouring boiling water over it. Allow it to stand for about twenty to thirty minutes, then strain and drink, taking about two ounces of this once each day, but make it fresh each time, you see. 3109-1

The Saffron will assimilate and coordinate with the gastric juices of the digestive system, in such a way and manner as to eliminate that character of poisons that saps the vitality of the muco-membranes OF the digestive and intestinal system. The oil (olive oil) adds to the elasticity of the functioning of the intestinal tract, acting also as a food value to the system itself. 4510-1

With the taking of the oil, that is as food to the lining and to the muscular forces of the whole of the intestinal system, and that of the Saffron, which is soporific in its reaction to the activity OF the system, then these combined - though, of course not taken together, for the oil will be taken two times each day, while the Saffron will be taken three or four times a day - teaspoonful; olive oil, teaspoonful morning and evening. 287-10

An excellent drink for the body would be the American Saffron Tea, and Elm Water. The Elm Water, however, would be necessarily made at the time it is taken…Pinch between thumb and forefinger in a glass of water. This used as part of the drinking water. The Saffron Tea - teaspoonful to a pint, and this allowed to simmer as making tea, or to just brew as tea. This, of course, may be made a pint at a time, but of course not a whole pint taken at once - this would be taken occasionally, not regularly. 1419-3

The elm (Slippery Elm Bark) should only be made when ready to be taken, and should always be cold or very cool - a pinch of the ground elm in a glass of water, stirred in same, ten to fifteen minutes before drinking - this would be the proper proportion. The saffron may be made as tea, not too strong - but as this proportion: A heaping teaspoonful of the saffron to six to eight ounces of water, allowed to steep until there is about four to six ounces of water. Then when ready to take (and this may be kept in a cool place, or on ice) put a teaspoonful of the tea (of course, strained) in a glass of water. 2176-1

Do take the Yellow Saffron Tea to aid the digestive forces, the stomach proper, to relieve those tensions from the effect of absorption through the irritations in same, that cause a great deal of disturbance. 2518-3

In the rest of the diet, include daily at least two ounces of Yellow Saffron Tea, putting a pinch of the American Saffron between the thumb and forefinger in a cup and pour boiling water over it, letting it stand for half to three-quarters of an hour. Strain, then cool and drink during the day. Elm would also be well in the water occasionally. All the water that is taken should contain either the Elm or the Yellow Saffron. 3138-1

Do use Yellow Saffron tea as helpful properties, prepared in this manner: Put a pinch of Yellow Saffron, between the thumb and forefinger in a teacup and pour half full of boiling water. Let this stand for thirty minutes, strain and drink. Take this twice each day.

Once each day prepare slippery elm, or the ground elm. Put a pinch of this in a glass of water and let stand long enough for the water and the elm to become active together, forming, as it were, an activity in same. 4000-1


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