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Nikola Tesla

Violet Ray:
A Handy Healing Device

by Elaine Hruska

One of several electrical appliances recommended in the Edgar Cayce readings, the violet ray is a rather unique instrument; during Cayce’s day it was available for use by physicians and laypeople from pharmacies or electrical appliance stores. Today, because of its positive effect on the skin, cosmetologists, beauticians, and aestheticians use it for psoriasis, acne, and hair growth.

The violet ray is a user-friendly, hand-held device that can be purchased along with a variety of glass applicators, such as a bulb, a comb-rake, or a rod, each with a specific purpose. The glass is inserted into the tip of the hand-held section. After being plugged in and turned on, the appliance becomes a high-voltage, low amperage (current) source of static electricity, whose discharge creates a violet color (hence, its name), a pleasant ozone smell - and a sizzling noise!

An interesting note: The coil in this device was invented by renowned genius and electrical scientist, Nikola Tesla

(1856-1943). As the voltage, using a transformer, moves through the coil, it is increased, ionizing the gas in the bulb; this produces charged particles that emanate from the bulb’s surface. The high frequency and charged particles create a mild heating effect, which increases circulation and dilates the superficial blood vessels wherever the device is applied, thus promoting healing.

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Special Effects of the Violet Ray

Mentioned in nearly 900 Cayce readings, the violet ray was recommended for a wide variety of conditions, due probably to its three important effects: light, heat, and ozone.

Electricity coming from the device gives off light, a useful therapy that in earlier times osteopaths utilized to combat infection (before the advent of antibiotics). The introduction of light into body tissues has only recently begun to be scientifically recognized.

Heat, created in the device’s generating part, may be only slightly discernible to the person receiving the treatment. As noted earlier, this increase of heat stimulates superficial circulation (lymphatic and capillary), resulting in toxins being carried away and the body’s organs being strengthened.

Indications for Use

Ozone, a form of oxygen (O3), is produced from the combination of static electricity and the oxygen in the air. Found in the atmosphere in minute quantities, it is the familiar odor detected after a thunderstorm. In some areas it is  utilized as an alternative to chlorine in destroying bacteria in the water supply. Cayce in several readings encouraged people to inhale this distinct odor of ozone, stating that it would be beneficial.

The high number of occurrences in the readings is also indicative of the wide range of health conditions for which the violet ray is recommended. (The device should not, however, be confused with the ultraviolet ray or lamp, which is also mentioned in the readings.) One of the major benefits of the device, as noted earlier, includes stimulating superficial circulation. It also has a rejuvenating effect on the nervous system, alleviates skin and hair disorders, is useful for digestive and elimination problems, promotes relaxation, helps relieve various reproductive disorders, as well as aids eye problems, arthritis and rheumatism, possession, and in combination with either carbon or animated ash is helpful as a treatment for certain cancers.

Some presenting complaints from the readings related to these conditions include headaches, fading hair color, ringworm, sinus trouble, baldness, failing eyesight, earaches, painful cramps during menstruation, periods of anxiety, skin abrasions, cold feet, eyestrain, uterine fibroid tumor, catarrh, swallowing difficulties, restlessness, itchy or scaly scalp, insomnia, and dry skin. Check individual readings, however, to determine if your health concern could benefit from using this appliance.

How to Utilize the Device

Instructions accompany the appliance when purchased. After the proper applicator has been inserted and the machine plugged in, the glass bulb should be placed in contact with the skin before the dial is turned on. This action prevents the mild static electric shock that would otherwise occur. Contact with the skin should be maintained throughout the short session (usually lasting from thirty seconds to several minutes). Turn the machine off, then remove the device
from the body to prevent another possible shock.

A common body placement of the bulb is along both sides of the spine; often a downward motion—from the cervical's (neck) to the sacrum—was suggested. For eye problems the bulb would be placed directly over the closed eyelids; for scalp and hair problems the comb-rake applicator would be used on and around the head. Other body areas from the readings include the abdomen, chest, vaginal area, and neck, depending upon the ailment.

Many individuals were advised to take these treatments in the evening just before retiring, “…for [it] would make the body rest much better.” (1563-2)

One fifty-seven-year-old man with poor circulation and suffering from a cold was told: “We would add a very little of the electrical forces for the body, though, in the present. To do this will prevent the central nervous system batteries from running down. This should be used in the form of the violet ray—hand machine, bulb applicator…this not more than half to three-quarters of a minute just before retiring. It’ll pick the body up!” (2528-4)

Duration of application varied widely; for the majority of cases, as mentioned earlier, from thirty seconds to several minutes. Because the devices sold today can overheat due to high resistance, avoid overuse and turn off the device before ten minutes. It is advised that one begin with a short session, then gradually increase with each use, if that seems necessary and beneficial.

Frequency also varied, suggesting a wide range from daily treatments, then leveling off to several days a week, to several times a month. One woman, who was to use the appliance alongside her spine, was told: “This should be applied until there is the feeling of the whole internal forces being electrified.” (264-11) Another woman, after her second series of adjustments, was to use the violet ray “any time after that when there is the feeling of tiredness or languidness.” (1584-1)


Contrary to some written instructions, no mention is made in the readings of any oil or lubricant that is necessary to be put on the skin prior to using the violet ray. The one exception was a reading for an asthmatic, arthritic sixty-three-year-old woman who was treated several years later at the Cayce Hospital. In her second reading the following exchange took place:
“(Q) Has the Violet Ray caused any burn? (A) No. Only the body should not allow same to be used when there’s too much moisture, or too long in one place. The body may use talc powder over the portions where the appliance is applied, and we will not have burns.” (5556-2)

Since sometimes a massage was given just before the violet ray, implying that the skin would be moist, Cayce in one instance gave this instruction:

“…we would massage the body thoroughly with an equal combination of Mutton Suet, Spirits of Turpentine and Spirits of Camphor. Massage what the body will absorb, but do not have the body too damp from the properties when the violet ray (bulb applicator) is applied. Rub off the body rather dry, but let the properties be massaged into the body, or be in the skin when the violet ray is applied; for it will drive same more into those areas where there have been
the inclination for congestion.” (389-10) Another woman, advised to get a fume steam bath, followed by a hot and cold shower, then a massage followed by an alcohol rub, was told: “…(after the body is thoroughly dried from the hydrotherapy measures and the masseur’s treatment) use the Violet Ray…” (1678-1)

A number of other precautionary measures are mentioned throughout the readings, such as not using the violet ray on the same day that one is taking Atomidine or “during the times [when] the [spinal] adjustments are being taken!” (1584-1) One individual asked if “the yoga practice of Kriya [is] causing any ill effects”; she was told that “this is very well…for these exercises have a stimulating effect. However, do not use these during the period the Violet Ray is used, for that week!” (813-2)

Medicines and drugs were noted in this excerpt: “Do not take medicinal properties while these [vibrations] are being applied, see? either the osteopathic forces or the electrical treatments! Take no drugs.” (4843-1) Alcohol is also to be avoided. “Do not use in the system during the treatments…with the violet ray—for these are detrimental, and would burn tissue, with this in system.” (5525-1) even inhaling the brandy fumes from a charred oak keg might cause irritations to the body if used in conjunction with the violet ray.

Some individuals were told not to use the violet ray until they had established a better cleansing and elimination process in their systems. One woman was told “not [to] use the violet ray through the hot weather.” (3450-2) another reading explained: “When the body gets the sunshine it is not necessary for so much of the violet ray.” (325-58) also, “…if the X-ray flashes are used we would not use the violet ray…leave off the machine while the X-ray treatments are being given!” (325-64)

Though not mentioned in the readings because of modern medical procedures, persons with pacemakers should not operate the device or receive a treatment, and those with lens implants are advised not to use the eye applicator on their eyelids.

Concluding Remarks from the Readings

Several aspects of the violet ray noted in the readings include its strengthening effect on the body, enlivening the nervous system, “cleansing the blood stream itself” (2193-1), and consequently bringing the body into better balance. This balance was noted in a comment inserted in one reading: after regular use of the violet ray, Mrs. [2790]’s “glandular swelling was reduced and [a] goiter did not develop.” (2790-5)

In another reading Cayce seemed to equate electricity with the life force itself: “Then…have a stimuli of the very low form of electrical forces, or added life as it were.” (1678-1) These comments, almost inserted as an afterthought, have profound meaning, inviting further contemplation.

A final comment, referring to use of the violet ray, could well apply to any treatment: “Do not make the application in a way, however, that it is just something to be gotten through with, or rid of, but do it with the intent and the expectation that it is to be a helpful experience for the body; and it will!” (2415-2)

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